My Kinda Concert


When my husband spotted tickets for a Little Mix gig in the Bizarre section of The Sun last week, he never thought he would actually manage to get 3 for us on Sunday.

The fact that there were only 500 available for an intimate gig at the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 made chances even more unlikely.  That they were only £9.50 each was an absolute steal but someone has to be lucky and this time it happened to be us.

The Kid is a huge fan and was delighted.  Big brownie points for dad!

We went to one of their concerts last year and they were really good.  I say this having also attended a One Direction concert last year which, as much as I hate to say it, was as dull as dishwater by comparison (sorry guys!).

So on the day we were ushered in to the Brooklyn Bowl and as you can see we were really close to the stage.    In fact it was hard not to be given the size of the venue and the small crowd.

It is for the above reasons and those I shall come on to which make this my kinda concert.  Let’s face it if us parents are going to accompany our kids to these gigs, it’s nice to have a bit of comfort thrown in.

The Parent List of Ideal Concert Scenarios

  1. Short journey to and from the venue.
  2. Afternoon concert on a Sunday – guarantees being tucked up in bed at the required time (very important for the parents!)
  3. A bar stool and a table.
  4. Clear view without having to stand (small people at concerts are the perfect people to stand behind).
  5. A bar!
  6. A bar with no queue! (as majority of attendees too young to drink!)
  7. Prosecco, beer, a bar stool and table and still not having to stand to see.
  8. Being able to have a mum boogie and then sit back on stool.
  9. Easy access to toilets and no queue.
  10. Being able to return to said bar stool and continue Prosecco.
  11. Leaving the venue easily.
  12. No queue or crowd control for the train.

All of the above are concert heaven in my opinion.  I may sound a bit like a golden oldie but if I could guarantee all of those luxuries at any concert, I’d be snapping up tickets every day of the week.

Little Mix as always were fabulous.  The kids (and adults) loved them.

What is concert heaven for you?



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