Another Reason To Love Blogging

I like to have a little catch up with blog posts when the alarm goes off in the morning and I’m having my first cuppa.

I am very inspired by other peoples blogs and I love the way that I am always able to read something that sets me up with a really positive start for the day.


Last week I discovered another benefit to blogging.

I wrote a post Are You Missing With Your Kissing which was a tongue in cheek reflection on the complexities of greeting people these days.  Have a little read if you missed it.

I love to write posts like this as they make me giggle when I am writing them.  I also like to work on the rule of thumb that surely one other person will have experienced the same thing.

If not, I know it’s time to worry.

Fortunately, it turns out that I am not alone with the kissing lark but I also got something really special back from this particular post.


I had some really fabulous comments and I also had the pleasure to ‘meet’ Veronica at Of Mice and Ramen who commented and shared the fact that in Malaysia it is an offence to show public displays of affection.   Veronica also very kindly  directed me to a wonderfully poignant piece that she had written for Mothers Day 2015.  Do have a look.

This got me to thinking that, as a race, we haven’t always been so forthcoming with affection.  If we look back to Victorian times, such public displays of affection certainly weren’t at the top of the etiquette list and would have been deemed inappropriate.

I guess we have relaxed a little since.

I really enjoyed the exchange I had with Veronica through the comments section of my post.  It was also really useful to get a comment from another blogger with a completely different perspective to mine.

I think it’s true to say that we all get a lot from the comments on our blog posts and that we really value the time someone takes to post something relating to what we have written.

It also made me value being a blogger even more because of the opportunity to link up with others whose lives are very similar but also very different from my own.

It made me realise how important it is to keep checking comments and also the comments I make on other bloggers posts.

This can be hard sometimes as despite ticking all the notification boxes when commenting, responses to comments can still get missed.  And, of course, not all blogs have this facility.

I always try to keep a note where I have made a comment and am particularly interested in the bloggers response.  I will keep checking back to try to avoid a response going unnoticed.

Veronica found my blog on the #KCACOLS hosted by Franca at A Moment With Franca.  This is a great linky and there is lots of interaction and commenting encouraged in Franca’s community.

I was also the post before Veronica’s and the rules of this particular linky require bloggers to comment on the link before their own.

There has been some debate about this across different ‘linkies’.  I guess sometimes it can be hard to comment on the blog before your own if the content doesn’t resonate.  Generally though, there is always something to say of some relevance rather than an overly obvious platitude.


I’m glad that Veronica did take the time to comment on my post.

I’m also glad that I pursued the exchange and had the pleasure of learning about Malaysian culture.

I enjoyed reading other posts on Veronica’s blog and I am grateful that I was able to make this link.

It would be really interesting to hear from others with similar stories.

I would also be very interested to hear of other bloggers ‘fail safe’ methods of checking whether their comments to others have been responded to if there is no notification facility.

Nicky x


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What is Listitus?


I am going to talk about a condition which I have noticed becomes particularly prevalent at this time of year.


I can’t promise that it’s not contagious but do read on.

‘Listitis’ refers to a peculiar passion for a list.

I really love a list.

If I’m being particularly honest with myself, for me and I suspect many others, this is a year round condition which becomes particularly heightened and aggravated as the festive season approaches.

Present lists, card lists, food lists – suddenly I feel like a celebrity – do I really know this many people and have they always eaten excessively?

Is it a woman thing I wonder?


I know it’s certainly a man thing to tamper with ‘the list’ once it’s in full flow.

Now this I find particularly bloody annoying especially when there has been nowt so much as a nod towards everything coming together.  Suddenly they see the list and oh yes – they are interested.

So interested in fact that they even go so far as to attempt to do things on the list, completely unaware that the list is not in this alone.

Lists operate generally from the basis of being ‘in the know’.

Many a brave man has experienced his wrath at this very thing.  Because for the list makers among us, what we know that no one else is aware of, is that behind every good list are some separate piles and a history!!

Now I may be given to a little bit of OCD but don’t tell me that you’re not secretly smiling inwardly and thinking “thank god, it’s not just me”, as you stroke your little pile of gifts for the people that you always see the last Tuesday before Christmas (and they, of course, are completely “separate” from the school gifts)!

Can I live without my list – absolutely not!

Does the other half thing I’m crazy – of course he does.

I do, however, live in a household where the list has a history.

A history that makes one particularly protective over their lists.


My list has a history because one fine day a couple of years ago as I prepared the freezer for defrosting, I made a list of what meals were left that needed to be eaten.  I also made a list of what needed to be purchased to go with each meal.  Simples.

So far so good.

I really, really do love a list!

Iron Man offered to go food shopping and I gave him the list telling him there wasn’t much to get as I was running the freezer down.

Over an hour later I was starting to wonder where he was when the car pulled up outside.

Iron Man proceeded to drag many bags from the boot.

Surely, he is joking?  Has he taken it upon himself to go ‘off list’ I wondered?

Oh no – it’s worse than that.  Far worse.

Now it could be argued that I only have myself to blame.  I will leave that to you to decide.

List No. 1 was on one side of the paper.  List No.2 was on the other.

He had gone and bought the bloody lot.  Everything we already had.  Both lists.

To say I overreacted is an understatement.  I think he was about to call an ambulance.  It wasn’t just the freezer that needed defrosting.

He even offered to take it back.

I’m laughing as I write this as it has provided a source of much amusement since.

An hour on a Saturday afternoon with lasting memories – we sure know how to party!

Fortunately, frost never stays for very long in this household.


We ate very well that week and the freezer didn’t get defrosted that year.

However, the household has been left with a Listory (a list with a history).

I now have Lisitis.  A common symptom of Listory.

I hope a cure is never found.

I would be nothing without my list.

Do you have it or think you might be on your way to getting it?



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Ever Wondered Where Your Mojo Goes?

Mojo Sweet
Where’s Your Mojo Gone? Where’s Your Mojo Gone?

Far far away, far far away.

Woke up this morning and your mojo was gone?  Sound familiar?


Have you ever wondered where your mojo goes sometimes?  Me too.

When you look in all the usual hiding places and it’s nowhere to be found?

Or when you think you know where it might have gone, but it isn’t there?

By way of explanation, when I say ‘mojo’, I mean your ‘get up and go’, your ‘sparkle’, your ‘zest’.  The very thing that keeps you on track and bashing through life like there is no tomorrow.

Does your mojo sometimes wander off with no prior warning.  Mojo’s it would seem, do have a habit of wandering off.   Annoying isn’t it.

Maybe they don’t always wander off voluntarily, maybe they are kidnapped! Imagine that.

I guess we can’t always blame the mojo for not being present.  Like when it stays behind when we return from our holidays.  Who wouldn’t!  We would given half the chance.

The problem is when my mojo takes off randomly, it’s not that simple to entice it back.

I generally find that it’s not just one thing that makes my mojo return.  It’s several.  The annoying thing is, I’m not always sure exactly what makes it decide it’s time to come home again.

I’m very lucky in that my mojo doesn’t grab it’s coat very often and disappear.  I am grateful for this and sometimes if I get wind that it is going on a walkabout, I will grab it back quick.

It’s the times when I don’t see it going that are the problem.

Looking out of the window

So how do we know when it’s really got up and gone?

I know because my productivity goes right down.  Everything seems to take me ages.  I’m busy but I don’t achieve what I set out to do. I cannot make a decision to save my life.  I will change my mind on a single matter countless times.  I question myself.  I doubt myself and generally really annoy myself.  Little things annoy me. I over think the most trivial of trivia until I really get on my own nerves.

Does this ring any bells?

I will go through this process until I’m blue in the face and then it’s time to bring in the big guns.

So how do I go about getting the mojo to come home.

Firstly and most importantly, I have my mojo buddies.  My husband is one of them.  The Kid is another.  I also have my nearest and dearest buddies who I know will wave the magic mojo wand like there is no tomorrow and say the right things.  We will talk about the most bizarre stuff and laugh madly at things that are only funny to us.  We ‘get’ each other.


I love a bit of personal development and positivity and will seek out quotes, books and inspirational pieces and positive people that make me smile.

I also love to spend time in our favourite places.

There are lots of things that I like to do ‘when I’m not busy’ and I make sure that I do them.  Favourite walks, get my nose into a great book, go to an exhibition, get creative or dig the garden over and redo my window boxes.  A good night out is also a great cure as is a good rummage around my favourite shops.

We also like as a family to have ‘a good old event’ at home.  Halloween is next in the line-up.

I also often find that striking up conversation with strangers can be a great medicine.  I don’t mean accosting people in the street (although it has been known) but every so often you’ll get chatting to someone and the conversation is really uplifting.  I love those moments.

I have always been involved in networking and motivational groups which stemmed from having my own business.  I do less of this now and need to get back into it.

Most importantly – I steer well clear of mojo stealers.  We all have them and love them dearly but sometimes a little space is what is needed.

Last but not least, I do something to really challenge myself (although not always intentionally).  A little bit of stepping outside the comfort zone can be marvellous to get things on the move again.

And very last but not least are those wonderful people that only have to say one thing to make you feel like a  million dollars.

So what do you do when your mojo goes on a walkabout.  Which carrots do you dangle to entice it back?  Would love to hear your tactics.


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Me and Blogging!

It seems only right and proper that my first post should be about blogging!

God knows it’s taken me forever to get to this stage and I don’t mind admitting that I have really dilly dallied on the way.

As an action oriented kind of gal, I have never experienced this level of procrastination over something that I have such passion for. So much so that I’ve got on my own nerves.

So what has held me back – interesting question – it certainly isn’t writers block as I am bursting with ideas ready to go. Quite frankly it’s been how to do it. Which blogging vehicle to use for the novice? Of course the more advice you take and the more you read up, the more scenarios you are faced with and the harder it is to make a decision. Whether not doing the right thing at the outset could cause problems down the line etc. Anyway, I just can’t stand the suspense anymore.

I drool daily at the wonderful blogs that I am reading, how fabulous they look and at what a talented, witty, funny lot you all are. I love the looks of the blogs and all the fabulous things that are done with linkies and the opportunities for sharing and I long to get involved. I’m like the kid looking through the sweet shop window.
I’ve got so caught up in the design and the how and I guess that has held me back.

So I have taken the piece of advice that resonated with me the most and that is – “just write”.

So here it is warts and all, ‘my foot in’ to the unknown, so to speak. I shall probably look back at this and giggle but hey it’s a work in progress, a blank canvas on which to get cracking. I shall enjoy learning from the mistakes I make along the way and laughing at them.

Thank you for reading.
Stick with it!