Who’s Your Cheerleader?


When was the last time you cheered yourself on?

Come to that when was the last time someone else cheered you on?

Who gives you the inspiration to continue to do your thing?

For those of us that work, we generally get inspiration from the satisfaction of what we are doing and it is quite often our colleagues and managers that give us the bit of ‘ra’ that we need.

What about if we are not working though?  Self-employed or freelance.  Maybe taking part in something unrelated to work.  Being a full-time parent perhaps.

Who bangs your drum?

For many people the answer is no-one.

It can sometimes be very hard to remain focussed on our goals when we work in isolation or start out on a project alone.


It may be that the job or project that we are embarking on has no financial recompense and it can be very easy to put others before ourselves.

Perhaps we are undertaking a hobby or a lifetime dream for the first time.

‘Shoulds’ start to compete for our time.  The priorities of our dependents or others can often take centre stage.

Sometimes ‘our thing’ doesn’t make it off the starting blocks because we don’t allow ourselves the time to invest in it.

Of course we are all quite capable of picking up self-help and motivational books, which are fabulous, but there is nothing like having someone that holds you accountable through the ups and downs of your journey.

seussUps and downs are a part of life, they define us and determine whether we continue down a particular path.

There are times when we all just need someone to say ‘keep going’ or a kind word of encouragement may come just at the right time.

So when I say Cheerleader, I’m talking about those people who genuinely invest their time in you and your dreams.

Cheerleaders can be family, friends, partners, acquaintances, ourselves – total strangers even.

We can all be Cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders don’t judge and they don’t begrudge.

They are able to blow your trumpet with you or for you if you have lost your puff.

yes you can

I often liken them to angels as quite often they come along at just the right time when you need a little bit of extra sparkle in your wand.

They are the ones that keep you accountable and remind you of your plans over and over again and celebrate how far you have come.

They feel as much passion for your goals as they do their own.

These are the people that know that you have got the inspiration and motivation to turn your hand towards the success and achievement that you are striving for.

And they shout it from the rooftops while waving their banner until you reach your goal.

Who is your Cheerleader?

Over the next few weeks and in conjunction with a blogging challenge, I shall be writing a series of posts around celebration and success.  These will also touch on International Women’s Day which is on 8 March.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for the next post.

Nicky x





51 thoughts on “Who’s Your Cheerleader?

  1. I like to think I’m a cheerleader to others but not very good at doing it myself. I’m my own worst critic I think. You made some great points with this post though. I love positive people, they build me up.


    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for commenting. I think a lot of us are probably similar in that we are not so good at cheerleading our own achievements – generally better at celebrating others. I also love positive people and the energy they share. Nicky


  2. Lovely post – my cheerleaders are my family, especially my sisters. They have helped me plod on when I felt like giving up and are the first to celebrate my successes – big and small.

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    1. Thank you Dara. Families are great cheerleaders, it sounds as though your sisters are right there banging your drum at all the right times. Thank you for commenting, it’s appreciated. Nicky


  3. What a fantastic post! I particularly resonated with the ‘shoulds’, as they really get in the way when you’re working for yourself, particularly if you’re a mother. Working for yourself is a lonely experience, and there is a need to join a community, however small or large, to give you the necessary boost required to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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    1. Thank you Alice! Totally agree, the ‘shoulds’ are the bad guys and really distract us from our goals. Of course, those of us that find ourselves working alone can struggle with this at times. I am touching on this in my next blog in the series. Really appreciate your comments. Nicky


  4. Nicky, I like how you refer to cheer leaders as angels. We all need a bit of that from time to time. I think of my husband as my angel, I’m so lucky in that he supports me in everything I do. But I’ve also had a few (professional) angels cheering me on on my business journey and the positive energy you get from that is what I try to give to my own clients. Cheers to the cheerleaders 🙂

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  5. Nice one Nicky Kentisbeer yes having someone in our corner makes a huge difference. I remember at secondary school my maths teacher was my greatest cheerleader despite being nearer the bottom of the class in marks. Now some 42 years later we are still in touch. Thank you John West.

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    1. How wonderful that you still remember John West and stayed in touch. We had a similar awesome teacher in secondary school. The calmest, kindest man that had the attention and respect of the whole class – he never raised his voice once and was extremely encouraging. Thank you for commenting Doreen. Nicky


  6. I enjoy being a cheerleader to others and it’s usually my role. I rarely get it back but I have recently and that’s great. Always good to have people backing you. I don’t have one person though. So because of that there are moments when I miss the much needed support but when it does happen it’s amazing. #abitofeverything

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    1. I am sure you are an amazing cheerleader Martyn. Of course it isn’t always forthcoming in reverse which can sometimes be a tough lesson but it’s great that you have had some support of late and I hope that your kindness to others has made its way back to you. Thank you very much for commenting. Nicky


  7. My husband was my cheerleader… and best friend, but he died just over two years ago. I don’t begrudge him his ‘rest’ because he overcome tremendous odds to live as long as he did with a severe lung disease. I am not very good at being my own cheerleader, and have no family here in Australia to support me.
    Reading this inspirational post, I need to make the decision to be my own cheerleader. Thank you Nicky!

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    1. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man Susan and a rock. I think we could all use our own Cheerleading skills more. I have to say I find myself doing it more and more now. Like most things, it’s practice. You may find this too once you start writing. Your decision to be your own cheerleader is a wonderful one. Thank you so much for commenting. Nicky

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  8. This is an excellent post! I loved it how you used the word “cheerleader” as it gives an entirely different connotation. And you’re right, it’s when you emnbark on a “hobby” or something unpaid, that it would seem you didn’t have any cheerleaders but still so important to have to keep the balance. What i like about your message is that it’s made me think that maybe I am or should be or can be that cheerleader to someone else! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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    1. Thank you very much! You’ve made me reflect more on this and I think it does tend to be when it’s something where there is no financial reward. All the more reason to up the cheerleading ante. Thanks for commenting. Nicky


  9. Indeed some thought provoking…. we are all cheerleaders, some of us act in different ways – whether it is a financial reward in being a cheerleader or others who undertake a cheerleading role as acts of kindness that are genuine. Either way, cheerleading is positive – active, fun, engaging and most of all beneficial for our health and mind.

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  10. I can completely resonate with this! I try to be my own biggest cheerleader but it can be tough. My partner gives me a lot of support – I am a freelancer working at home – so it’s lovely to know he believes in me and what I’m doing. Great post! #KCACOLS

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  11. Wow what a lovely post – I have an angel called Mette. She is a good friend of mine & she came to help me when my son was 6 weeks old and she has been coming every week since – he’s now 2 and a half. She has supported me through so much and she is amazing!

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  12. A great topic to blog about NIcky. My cheerleaders include my husband, who always supports whatever projects I attempt (sometimes successful and sometimes not!) and some great business colleagues who have become good friends over the years. Very important to have cheerleaders.

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    1. Thank you Mary. My husband is the same. I like your sometimes not bit. That’s when we really need good cheer! Failures ultimately equal greater success after all don’t they. Thank you for commenting.


  13. Aww I love this post Nicky!! It is so positive and brings a smile to my face!! I would like to think that I do have some cheerleaders in my life and those are the ones that will love me unconditionally no matter what. And they are my parents, my husband and my daughters!! I would like to think that also my siblings, 😉 Hopefully some good friends too. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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  14. We all need a cheerleader every now and then, don’t we?
    I’m fortunate that the Hubs is really supportive and encouraging, but I’m a bit weird in that I tend to get all self-conscious and implode if I get too much of it!
    I like the Dr Seuss quote. #KCACOLS

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  15. What a great topic 🙂
    I’m awful at cheering myself on. I’m the person that always cheers loudly for others instead!
    My husband and son are my cheerleaders. No matter what I do, they always support me 🙂

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  16. This is such a brilliant post, and so true too! I am so lucky that since starting my blog my family, friends and most importantly my partner has guided and supported me through everything! If it works for him, I wouldn’t have a blog today, he helped me set up everything and even now makes the odd tweak or shows me how to do something on the computer xxx #Abitofeverything 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Your partner sounds like the perfect blog mate with the technical side. My husband is totally the IT, gadget, advice and tech guy but the whole social media and blog is my domain. I need a tweaker!! Thanks for commenting.


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