A Week In My Inbox


I think my name has come up in the National Email Lottery this week.

I have won the Junk Mail Jackpot.

It’s fairly true to say that we all get a lot of rubbish in our inbox.  Mine tends to go straight to trash.  I’m sure yours does too.

Several have caught my eye this week though.

Some for their uncanny accuracy, others not so much.

Here’s what is on offer for me this week.



Jobs for Nicola

Who knew!  This is synchronicity at its best.  I did not sign up to ANY of these sites.

This is what they have in mind for me though :

Airline Assistant

What sort of assistance exactly?  Would that be in the air or on the ground I wonder?

Maybe my reverse parking skills are in demand!

Or perhaps I’ve been spotted waving table tennis bats in the air like a pro?

Put me forward for this one.

Part-time Packer

What a joke! When I pack, I really pack.  There is nothing part-time about it.  Anyone that knows me well will know that this is my Achilles Heel.

I have been known to spend inordinate amounts of time packing and preparing to pack.  This is not normal, I will be the first to admit.

You will not want me on your team.  Trust me.

Jobs at Pets at Home

I can only imagine word has spread about my spectacular rabbit handling skills.

Now I’m worried.

Saga Home Insurance


There comes a time in our lives when we start to receive these mailshots.

I do not know the precise point of qualification.

Whatever that may be it is wrong.

Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!

I DO NOT qualify.  Even if I did, I’m highly unlikely to buy anything EVER from something with Saga branding or any age related product.

Institute of Anti-Ageing

On the basis that I’m not saving any money on my home insurance, I’m pretty unlikely to be able to afford anything like this.

Neither will I be able to attend the Institute to find out how because it’s highly likely I’ll be touching my aircraft down somewhere (see above).



Questions About Pensions?

I have loads.  How long have you got?

Thought so!


Interesting though isn’t it.

As I say, this is not something I take seriously and would normally hit the delete button without a second glance.

Has anything interesting turned up in your junk this week?

Something completely unsolicited that has perhaps made you giggle?

Perhaps that something has been particularly spot on for some bizarre reason.

Do share!!

Nicky x

A Bit Of Everything

Super Busy MUm

21 thoughts on “A Week In My Inbox

  1. One of my email accounts gets hilarious junk mail because when I initially registered it (I think I was 16 at the time) I wrote that my name was James Bond. Well, someone out there thinks Mr Bond needs quite a lot of help with the ladies. Lucky there are always many more offering their company. You should definitely apply for the airline assistant position. Could be a game changer 🙂 #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I can imagine there was no shortage of Mrs Bond’s!!! Speed dial 007! Maybe you’re right, I should give this airline thing a go. ‘This is your Captain speaking, we are now flying at …..’ Thank you for commenting. Great to hear from you x


  2. Since I turned the big 50, I have received heaps of ‘plan for your funeral’ e-mails, not what you want to see every day when you’re trying to convince yourself that life begins at 50!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had them too Helen!!!! Where oh where is this database with our details!! Those plan your funeral ones almost make it sound like it’s a party don’t they. Life is going to begin at fifty as far as I’m concerned in the same way it began at 40!! Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They probably think I’m too old for rude ones!! I used to get a lot the Viagra ones at work too. It was always amusing to see them in the inboxes of the elderly male bosses too! Thanks for commenting.


  3. LOL…They can be funny sometimes. I usually don’t real my junk emails but I do get spam comments and my favourite would be “I don’t care about this but I want to tell you how to make $$$…” REALLY?? Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

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