Another Reason To Love Blogging

I like to have a little catch up with blog posts when the alarm goes off in the morning and I’m having my first cuppa.

I am very inspired by other peoples blogs and I love the way that I am always able to read something that sets me up with a really positive start for the day.


Last week I discovered another benefit to blogging.

I wrote a post Are You Missing With Your Kissing which was a tongue in cheek reflection on the complexities of greeting people these days.  Have a little read if you missed it.

I love to write posts like this as they make me giggle when I am writing them.  I also like to work on the rule of thumb that surely one other person will have experienced the same thing.

If not, I know it’s time to worry.

Fortunately, it turns out that I am not alone with the kissing lark but I also got something really special back from this particular post.


I had some really fabulous comments and I also had the pleasure to ‘meet’ Veronica at Of Mice and Ramen who commented and shared the fact that in Malaysia it is an offence to show public displays of affection.   Veronica also very kindly  directed me to a wonderfully poignant piece that she had written for Mothers Day 2015.  Do have a look.

This got me to thinking that, as a race, we haven’t always been so forthcoming with affection.  If we look back to Victorian times, such public displays of affection certainly weren’t at the top of the etiquette list and would have been deemed inappropriate.

I guess we have relaxed a little since.

I really enjoyed the exchange I had with Veronica through the comments section of my post.  It was also really useful to get a comment from another blogger with a completely different perspective to mine.

I think it’s true to say that we all get a lot from the comments on our blog posts and that we really value the time someone takes to post something relating to what we have written.

It also made me value being a blogger even more because of the opportunity to link up with others whose lives are very similar but also very different from my own.

It made me realise how important it is to keep checking comments and also the comments I make on other bloggers posts.

This can be hard sometimes as despite ticking all the notification boxes when commenting, responses to comments can still get missed.  And, of course, not all blogs have this facility.

I always try to keep a note where I have made a comment and am particularly interested in the bloggers response.  I will keep checking back to try to avoid a response going unnoticed.

Veronica found my blog on the #KCACOLS hosted by Franca at A Moment With Franca.  This is a great linky and there is lots of interaction and commenting encouraged in Franca’s community.

I was also the post before Veronica’s and the rules of this particular linky require bloggers to comment on the link before their own.

There has been some debate about this across different ‘linkies’.  I guess sometimes it can be hard to comment on the blog before your own if the content doesn’t resonate.  Generally though, there is always something to say of some relevance rather than an overly obvious platitude.


I’m glad that Veronica did take the time to comment on my post.

I’m also glad that I pursued the exchange and had the pleasure of learning about Malaysian culture.

I enjoyed reading other posts on Veronica’s blog and I am grateful that I was able to make this link.

It would be really interesting to hear from others with similar stories.

I would also be very interested to hear of other bloggers ‘fail safe’ methods of checking whether their comments to others have been responded to if there is no notification facility.

Nicky x


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday



21 thoughts on “Another Reason To Love Blogging

  1. First of all, thanks for the shout out, Nicky! I am so glad I found you on #KCACOLS. I don’t usually go back to check on the comments I make on other bloggers’ posts but I was fascinated by your article on kissing and wanted to read the other bloggers’ comments as well.But now that I know you always reply to our comments, I shall make it a point to come back always!

    And about PDA in Malaysia, yep, it is indeed an offense. You will find signs prohibiting public displays of affection in taxis, shopping malls and public parks. I am not sure if it’s just an Asian thing or if it’s because Malaysia is a Muslim country.Anyway, be warned! You don’t want to be fined for kissing in public! You could even land in jail!

    I followed you on Twitter but I hardly check my tweets. I only use Twitter for entering giveaways.

    Looking forward to more visits to your lovely blog.

    Have a nice day!

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  2. I must say commenting on linkys seems to be a contentious subject. I follow the rules & usually skip through & see if something jumps out at me to comnent/read. I like to read a minimum of 5-10. It’s great to read other people’s opinions & lifestyles. I’m a bit rubbish at following up comments on other blogs but always respond if someone comments on my own. #kcacols lifeinthemumslane

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    1. I’m the same, I scan for what catches my eye and will probably read a similar amount to you. I am going to make a mental note next time of what exactly does catch my eye actually! Like you I always respond to a comment. Thank you for reading.


  3. Its really great when you get to connect with someone who lives in a different country with different rules and takes on things. Its exciting when you come across different blogs. I stuggle to keep up with comments and only see replys really when the person commenting is using WordPress like me, as it comes up on my dashboard. I stopped ticking all of the ‘get notifications of comments’ as my email inbox was flooded with too many email comments for me to read! But I will check back once to see if my comment has been replied to 🙂


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  4. What an absolutely lovely post, Nicky! It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you 🙂 I didn’t know that about Malaysia and I will likely visit there one day so it’s good to learn that too. I always respond to comments on my blog although I am pretty sure my commenters don’t get a notification. It’s an annoying part of WordPress I think as it’s lovely to hear back when I comment on other blogs. I sometimes check back to see but I’m generally not that organised! Mim x #twinklytuesday

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    1. Likewise Mim and thank you for commenting! I find WordPress does notify me of responses to my comments but not all blogs are the same. Like you, I try to check back but it’s hard when you comment on several to keep track. I hope that you now feel well versed should you ever go to Malaysia. Nicky

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  5. I love reading different blogs and it is particularly rewarding when as you say, you find something of real interest. I actually like the linkys where we are asked to comment on the previous post as it does hopefully mean that everyone receives a comment, but also you can discover something or someone that you may not have done otherwise. I always respond to comments on my own blog. With regard to looking for responses to comments I have made on other blogs, It is easy for blogs using word press as I receive notifications. I do try my best to look back at others and sometimes write blogs down to remind me but I have to be honest and say I don’t religiously do this as lack of time takes over! I wish there was a more effective way! Great you found Veronica – I always enjoy her posts 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. Sorry Sarah, I thought I’d replied to this.

      Thanks for commenting. Me too. I’m with you on the comments, I try to do the checking back and forth where no notification is possible but of course time doesn’t always allow.


  6. What a great blog friendship created by a linky! And I’ve been to Malaysia and didn’t even realise this rule! Luckily I wasn’t smooching anyone so didn’t end up in hot water! #twinklytuesday

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  7. Aww Nicky, you are just so lovely!! Thank you so much for mentioning me and my linky!! You have been always so supportive to this linky and I do appreciate that. It makes me so happy that you met Veronica, a fellow blogger through kcacols. I always found fascinating Veronica’s blog because I always learn something different from Malaysia. I have a strong connection with Malaysia because I worked with a Malaysian company for 5 years and got to travel there so Malaysia is a country that I love. The blogging world is amazing. There is so much out there that we learn through reading so many blogs. I know what you mean about the rule of commenting the blog before yours but as you said it is the best way to find a blog that otherwise you would’ve never visited before. So it is positive thing at the end. I think I should write more about my country too. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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