No Bag Thanks, I’ll Just Wear It. The Sequel.

I saw it coming of course.

I even warned of it in the blog back in July.

It was on my mind for a long time before that and interestingly my post on Carrier Bag Etiquette has been the most commented on since I started.

I would like to say that I have fully embraced the whole new way of shopping since this post.

Iron Man saw it coming too.  Not only did he see it coming but this happened while we were on holiday.

Man carrying bag

He’s never shown any signs before now but I guess this latest bout of carrier bag shenanigans is going to bring out the Roy Cropper in all of our men.  First the man bag and now this.  Although I have to say that Iron Man skipped the man bag stage and went straight to this hot trend on holiday.  He has always been slightly ahead of the fashion game and is now able to carry off the look to perfection.

Aside from this small concern, I have many others regarding the whole 5p bag charging scenario.

Firstly, my concerns lie fairly and squarely with the Cashiers and the Security Guards.

It is clear that these people are going to become the ‘front line’ in terms of delivering the message and the policing of it.  I pity them because there are a lot of rules and exemptions surrounding this new system.  Ambiguity is going to be a problem.

There are rules of course.  Things that qualify for a bag – things that don’t.  It would seem that there are rules about what you can put in and things that you can’t.  In fact there is a whole website page on the subject.

Free bags will still be provided for consumers buying uncooked meat, poultry or fish, prescription medicine, certain fresh produce such as flowers or potatoes and unwrapped ready-to-eat food such as chips.  Goldfish.  Seeds.

Irony (no bag intended).


Pity the poor Cashier who has to dig you out when you try to put your spaghetti in with your gladioli in the free flower bag.  It makes sense.  It fits – right?  Same shape bag and all that.

Nope – not allowed.  Mixing is unacceptable apparently .

For this one it would seem that you have to walk away with it in your hand – a bit like you’ve pinched it.  Then put it in your bag when you get outside.

This is where I feel for the Security Guard.

Under the old rules, for those that wanted to have a good old ‘thieve up’, hiding the item was safest – under your coat or snuck in your bag.  Now it would seem that just walking out with it in your hand will be just fine.  No smoke and mirrors required.  Not only that but you may also get a little cheer for not using a bag.

So it’s a win-win if you are a shoplifter.

Not so for the Security Guard who will quite simply not know whether he is coming or going.  Although ‘going’ would seem the more favourable word as produce passes his eyes Generation Game style.

It’s not just the supermarkets.  Maybe you got caught on the hop when buying clothes like I did last week?

Two pairs of leggings in Next – £9.05.

I felt for the Cashier as she sheepishlessly asked if I would like to buy a bag.   No doubt this poor girl, amongst others, has probably had to attend a training course on this very subject.

Then again I don’t suppose the IT Department or the Accountants are having a party either.

As always there is a solution to the clothing bags.  Wear them.  I see a whole new side to ‘layering’.

‘Would you like a bag for your suit Sir?’

‘No thanks, I’ll just pinch wear it’.

You may then strut out of the shop like Mr Benn – doing jazz hands at the same time.  Because you can.   Jazz hands I mean!!!!  In a suit!!!!

Mr Benn

I can see the changing rooms.  It scares me.

‘Can I search your bag Madam’? will be replaced with ‘Show us your Bra’

By far my biggest fear though is who is going to get my name in the Christmas draw this year.  Supposing it’s the tight one.  The thought of my lovely present ending up in the same bag as their bit of cod is really worrying me.

I just don’t think I can chance it so this year so I’m going to play safe and just say ‘Jo Malone’.   That should keep things simple.

So lots of money has been thrown at this to make it a success.  We all want the same thing for our environment.

Iron Man and I disagree on the facts but ultimately there should be less bags.  I hope so.

Personally if I were making the rules, I would have thought it sensible to do away with the bloody bags – isn’t that the general idea – if they are not there you can’t use them.  Bags for Life only or your own.

I see a can of worms (without a bag).

What do you think? Will it just become part of our daily life or will it cause more trouble than just doing away with them altogether?


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30 thoughts on “No Bag Thanks, I’ll Just Wear It. The Sequel.

  1. I keep forgetting mine argh and then having to pay the 5p. Then I say to myself it’s ok, the money is going to charity argh. But I think it just needs to become routine and then I will get more used to it. #kcacols


  2. I didnt realise there were rules about bags. I have been shopping in Aldi and Lidl for years, so am use to bringing my own. I did see a report about Tescos putting security tags on their bags for life to prevent people stealing them the other day!!


  3. I got a complimentary bag from Sainsbury’s the first day it was introduced (can’t remember the date, was it the 3rd??), anyway, I said thanks very much, but Sainsbury’s have changed the design of their bags now. They don’t hold as much as the old style and I can’t use them for lining my bins!!! (other uses were cat/fox excrement disposal, disposal of chicken carcase, muddy welly boots). There are no handles to tie…..Sainsburys, your new bags are pants and certainly not worth the 5p you are charging for them. If from time to time, I need to buy a few, I at least want to be able to use them again for other purposes. Thinking about asking the local Off Licence proprietor to sell me a wad of bags so I can continue as I did before.


  4. UPDATE – I have just bought 100 carrier bags from amazon for £1.59 (including free delivery)……I am right for bags now. Sainsburys, you can keep your badly designed 5p bags……I’m ahead of you!!!!!!!

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  5. Can’t believe I am missing all this carrier bag excitement!! I must admit to using my own bags as much as I can but so far we do not get charged for them except in Aldi of course.

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  6. Loved your blog, it really made me chuckle. I stocked up on a few carrier bags the weekend before the 5p charge was imposed by shoving them in with my shopping. I usually take bags with me but I forgot the other day when I went in for a couple of things. I thought of a solution to avoid that 5p charge that time though. I needed a new washing up bowl so I put everything in that instead, much easier to carry home and the cashier thought I was very inventive. Couldn’t do that on a big shop though!

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  7. I usually have a little bag on me so I don’t have to pay for one, but it’s when you have to do unexpected shopping it’s going to be annoying. I know why they’re doing it and that the money goes to charity, but 5p is 5p! #anythinggoes

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  8. Love this post – hilarious! I especially enjoyed “Goldfish” 😝

    On a serious note, I agree wholeheartedly that it’s the staff who will suffer most. So many customers are going to make too much of a fuss about this and the staff are going to cop it. Not to mention the extra time at the tills while people argue the toss. I also agree that the discrepancies are ridiculous – make it simple – bag or no bag. Presumably this is how it was going to be and then some health and safety jobsworth jumped in at the last minute and mentioned that it’s unhygienic to not offer a bag with fresh produce or some malarkey. Anyway, it will pass I hope and ultimately it’s better for the environment.

    PS I think your mister pulls off the Roy Cropper look with plenty of finesse.



    1. Why thank you, I’m glad you got me! Totally, totally agree with your comment. I have to say ‘Roy’ did me proud for this blog – poor bloke!! I did of course have photographic permission. They were doshing those awful bags out while we are on holiday and I just saw the resemblance and ‘papped’ him!! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  9. We have been paying for our bags for years or bringing our own. When the ruling first came out no store was allowed to give free bags, now it is only really the supermarkets that charge for bags. Clothing stores fought the ruling and won – imagine how many people wore their purchases without paying:) You may buy as many bags or as few as you like. The ruling was based on an ideal – our country is covered in litter and our landfills covered in plastic. The rather sad joke was that our National Flower was The Plastic Bag. Years and years later no different – those that litter will always litter.
    Love your humorous view on it though – Thanks for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday

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    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. It’s those ideals that we need to be working on and I think the UK is catching up on the plastic bag thing. It seems that elsewhere this has been in swing for a while. You have confused me with the National Flower? Nicky


      1. Our trees always have plastic bags hanging from them blown from the streets. An environmentalist once said it looks like the plastic bag is our National Flower hanging from trees and we have to put an end to that. Definitely not said in pride. The idea of having no bags was to stop the littering of our country, stop the trees and fences from having plastic bags blown onto them by the wind.
        Ideals are a very good start and paying for our bags or bringing our own has become second nature to us, but sadly hasn’t affected the litter in most parts of our country, but has had more of us recycling than filling up the landfills with plastics.


  10. I live in the capital city of Australia and they were the first to do away with plastic bags. There was outcry, there was claims that the sky would fall in. But really it is just about a new habit. I have a bag of bags in the car and a few in my handbag and now I very rarely have to pay for a bag. I liked the idea that your 5p goes to charity. Ours goes back to the dirty big multinationals! Six weeks they say and a new habit is formed. Good luck. Mel xx #ShowcaseTuesday

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    1. Hi Mel, thanks for commenting. I had the same conversation with an Australian friend yesterday so interesting to hear your view. Of course, it will all be history in a few weeks as you say and my husband with his Roy Cropper bag will be redundant!

      On a separate note there have been a couple of blogs of yours that I have read and wanted to comment on and haven’t been able to. It appeared that I could only do so with a google account?


  11. LOL this is so funny!! All this bag situation is annoying. Now you have to be carrying your bags with you all the time otherwise you forget to bring them. It has happened to us already several times that we forgot to bring the bags and unfortunately we had to pay. I guess the best solution could be to have them in the car boots so then they are there every time we go shopping. Thanks so much for linking up with me at #KCACOLS. I hope to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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  12. I got a 5p bag from Boots the other day and was very happy with the added quality – even more so that you couldn’t see my packs of sanitary towels through it ::) Win! But yes, I think that (hopefully) it will become routine…though I am terrible at remembering bags! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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