Help – I Need Some Blogger Help

I am now four months into blogging and loving it.

I consider myself still to be an apprentice blogger as I am continually learning and there is still so much to learn.


I wonder if I could call on the more experienced fellow blogging community for  some help with a few things that keep coming up for me.  There are always lots of useful blogging tips and posts out there but I have a couple of more specific questions that I could do with help on.  In some instances it may be that I am just making hard work for myself – hence needing a lesson from the wise!!  I appreciate that some of these questions are probably really basic to some of the more seasoned bloggers but as they say ‘the devil is in the detail’.



I am loving the linkys!

  • I have seen some recent posts that have said they use a template for linkys and have the badges to hand ready to link.  I was under the impression that each linky used a different code each week to denote the date or something – am I wrong on this and is it the same badge code used every week?  If that is the case then I see myself saving lots of time fiddling around.
  • How do people decide which blogs to comment on in the linkys.  I tend to try and comment on different blogs each time as it is a way of getting to know other bloggers.  I also go for the headline that stands out to me or the photograph.  I like to be able to add value with a comment that shows I’ve read it and that the content has resonated with me.  There are times where I’ve not had anything to say other than platitudes and if that is the case I will just move on because I don’t see any value in commenting for the sake of it for neither is it much use to the author.  I tend to comment on more than the required amount because I enjoy reading other peoples work.  Do others have a rule of thumb that they follow when linking up regularly?
  • How should one feel if they get no comments from a particular linky other than the host and the one that has to comment in line with the rules?  I tend to think that a) it could be where in the line up the post falls, b) that there were lots linking up and some are bound to get over looked c) some may only comment on bloggers they are familiar with or d) shock blogger horror – the post was so dire that words failed.   Any thoughts on this one?
Error Message
Doing it Wrong?


A couple of questions on this and, again, I suspect I may be doing something wrong

  • Sometimes comments aren’t approved.  I don’t know if this is that they haven’t worked (although they do show awaiting moderation) or if there have been too many comments on a particular post.
  • Now this one is really baffling me.  When I comment, is there a simple way of seeing when the blogger has responded.  I know you can tick the box to be notified of further comments on a particular blog but not all blogs have this.  It also means that you get lots of emails, especially where it’s been a popular post.  I have tended to make a list of where I comment and then go back out of courtesy to see what the writer has responded.  This is seriously time consuming as I do more and more commenting.  I suspect there are probably a few giggles out there on this one but I dread to think that a writer may have responded and I’ve ignored it.    So much advice needed on this one!!!


In order to get cracking with the blog I went with a hosted rather than self hosted site with WordPress.  What are the advantages of being self-hosted and which sites do others use.  Are they all WordPress and Blogger or is it possible to set up a standard site that offers a blogging option?

I am seriously appreciative for any advice that comes my way.   Hopefully this apprentice may be able to offer some wise words of advice in return sometime soon too.

Thumbs Up

I have also found these lovely posts really helpful recently and wanted to do a shout out as thanks and share in case they are useful to others.

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My Top Linky Guide The Anxious Dragon

Check them out.

Also, some great points from Run Jump Scrap on Linky Pressure.

Thank you all!  Nicky

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17 thoughts on “Help – I Need Some Blogger Help

  1. Hi, firstly thank you very much for adding a link to my post, it is always lovely to get such positive reactions from other bloggers.
    For your first question (as far as im aware) you can save the linky badge and reuse it, because the link within the code will either take people to a a specific page on the blog for the linky, or the homepage for the blog rather than the individual linky post. Saying that, i do not save any of the codes myself, I copy it fresh from the linky every week.

    I think which blogs you comment on is a matter of personal taste. I like recipe posts, but am not so keen on parenting tips as I dont have young children. I also look out for my favourite bloggers posts to read.

    Like you I dont like to comment for the sake of it, I will leave a post un commented on if I feel I have nothing useful to add (although with wordpress posts I will like them if I have indeed liked it, but not added a comment).
    I have learnt to share out my comments over the week. I was finding I would comment on loads of posts on Monday and Tuesday and them towards the end of the week, I would find I had already left comments on all the interesting posts and was then having to leave empty comments on posts just to make up the number of comments I needed for the linky.

    I have found timing is everything when linking posts for comments. Most people will link and then look at what posts are available to comment on, so the later in the day you post, the less people will see (and comment) on your post. Saying that as long as you get a host comment, you are bumping up your backlinks, so it still benifits you in the long run.

    Im honestly not sure about the amswer to your question about comments. I know just the other day I found several pending comments when I looked at my comments section via the wordpress dashboard. These had for some reason not come up on my notifications. My guess is if you have had comments not moderated it is more likely to be a problem like this rather than people diliberately not moderating them.

    If you are asked for an email address when you comment, you should recieve a mail to tell you if your comment has recieved a reply. If not then I will check back later (blogger hosted blogs generally).

    I cant offer any advice about hosting, it all looks very scary to me!!


    1. You are most welcome, it must have taken you a while to put all those linky details together!

      Thanks for writing such detailed advice. Interesting point on the linkies. I tend to read the linkies in reverse so it hadn’t occurred to me that people would look at what was there when they posted their own. I tend to read a magazine that way too, so not sure what that says about me (ha!). Also, take the point on saving comments up for other linkies, I have started to notice that I’m seeing the same people link up on different linkies so that’s good advice.

      Agree re hosting looking scary.

      Thank you, Nicky

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  2. Don’t worry, it takes a while to get used to it all! First off, linkys. The badge code is the same each week, although as many linkies include more than one host that I’m familiar with I might alternate who’s badge code I use each week. I tend to choose blogs to comment on by interest first and then bloggers I know and if people comment on my post I might comment back, but that can be difficult depending how much time I have! I find you need to link up early onto linkies otherwise you may not get comments. I do avoid larger linkies now, as I’m normally too late and there’s so many posts that you’ll be lucky to get one or two comments.
    Comments won’t be approved until the blog owner clicks them approved, it may take them a while to get through all their comments if they are a well known blogger and ocassionally comments end up in spam for some unknown reason!
    If I want to know an answer to the comment I click the notify button afterward and every so often I will delete ones I’ve subscribed to after I’ve had an answer.
    I started out on blogger as a craft blogger pre kids, but started on WordPress self hosted as a new mummy blogger. My main reason was because many brands only accept self hosted and you don’t have a true DA otherwise. I don’t know much else about hosts but that!
    Thanks so much for adding a link to my post, hope I helped! 🙂 x

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    1. Your post did help Jenny! I really need to get something similar in place.

      Thanks for taking the time to give such detailed advice. Great point re alternating host badges and with the linkies, I’m also generally late to the party and generally never get higher than the middle. Having read the previous comment, I can see I am probably the exception in reading the posts from the end. As regards being notified of comments, I too have had to do some deleting after subscribing to control the amount of stuff coming through.

      I can see my next challenge will be to look at self-hosting but I think I will get to grips with all the other bits first.



  3. When deciding what to comment on, check the rules of the linky as they can vary. Some specify that you comment on x number of posts before yours so that everyone gets a comment, whilst others tell you to choose what you fancy and comment on those. Plus the Hosts post.

    I tend to set myself a limit on the number of posts I comment in a Linky as there is only so much day! Host’s post plus four others that catch my eye. But if there’s a blogger I really like on the list, I might comment on their post as well. Anything that I really like I Pin. I hope this helps. 🙂

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  4. Great list of questions. I’ve been blogging for about the same time as you (also loving it!) so I was interested in the answers you received. I tend to comment on posts that catch my eye and content that I can relate to, but I also check the linky rules as well as sometimes you have to comment on the posts either side of your own. #KCACOLS


    1. Hi Julie, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you are enjoying blogging as a newbie. I guess we must all arrive at the same points at a similar time. There is always something new to learn isn’t there. Nicky


  5. Hi, I’m going to add to what has been said about hosting by saying that the thing about Self Hosted vs Hosted WordPress is that you can install plugins/widgets to add functionality to your site and you have complete control over it. For a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of either option, this is a good page to look at:

    Regards, Nick


    1. Thank you Nick. That is very much appreciated and looks as though it is just the thing I need to be reading. I think it’s time for me to do some homework!! Nicky
      Nice to link up on #KCACOLS


  6. I have been blogging for 4 months too. It takes time to understand it all. But then the more you do it the easier it gets. When linking up it is very important to read the rules first. Each linky is different. For example mine (this one) you need to comment the one before you so it is fair for all. What I’m looking for is for each person who link up to receive at least one comment from the person next to his/her post and from the host so you have at least 2 comments. Then you can get more comments if your post is popular. The badge is the same one so just copy and paste the same one each week. Or if you will linkup to the same linky each week just out the badge on your sidebar and it will make your life easier! Thank you so much for linking up with me at #KCACOLS. I would love if you join me again on Sunday! 🙂 x


    1. Thank you, that’s really helpful. Congratulations on your 4th month – and starting your own linky too – that’s real grown up stuff, go girl!! I think I’m in the process of getting to know which linkies are working for me in terms of what I want to get out of blogging now and I need to focus on getting into a pattern of how I’m going to make it all work. Thank you for hosting KCACOLS

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  7. I just kind of learnt stuff as I went along (typing this quickly while the 3 year old is in time out so apologies if I miss anything!!)

    Linkys – I tend to go with the ones that interest me. Where I enjoy reading the hosts blog anyway and where I have a post to fit. I no longer write posts specifically for linkys. Commenting, I try to do 5-6 in each linky, the ones I am asked to do and the ones that have headlines that interest me. So a good pic and relevant title really work for me.

    The badges – yep same badge every week the only code that is different is the InLinkz code that you link u pwith.

    I went hosted until I really got into blogging, when deciding to move it to the next level I bought my domain name, when blogger annoyed me I transferred through to self hosted wordpress and never looked back. I just like wordpress better and I like the fact I now own my content.

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    1. Thanks Laura, that’s helpful. I think I get more value from linkies when I comment more on those that resonate rather than sticking to the minimum rules. Self-hosting is going on the back burner in the short term!


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