Not Cycling

Can I just say before I begin that I don’t think I’m getting this cycling lark.

Now it may be perceived that I’m slightly biased, bitter even as no bikes were allowed at Chez Victoriana (childhood home) – too dangerous!!   Even if they were, there wasn’t the money. We did have a shared trike though which saw us through the years, a rusty contraption that we used like a scooter, riding around the garden on the back. I have fond memories of the trike.

That’s not to say I haven’t embraced the whole cycling thing.

Tour de France
Tour de France, Woodford

I was there partying in the streets on the day of the Tour de France. Indeed I even got on a bike for the first time in my early 40’s, had a cycle lesson and passed by my mid 40’s.   I was good apparently and egged on by The Kid and Mark (Iron Man as he is now known in the bike department), I found myself the proud owner of a nice lilac bike.   We don’t do things by halves in this family.

In hindsight, I’m not sure whether I should have been slightly more verbal about the choice of bike and colour. I’m not sure if the other two thought I was being a bit wussy from the get go. Being described by The Kid as looking like someone from Call the Midwife on my bike is I feel, to put it mildly, a bit of a cheek.

Anyway, I’ve been on it three times now – once a year to be precise.   Last night being one of those occasions.

I’m a bit stuck without Iron Man though you see as I can’t get anywhere to cycle unless he’s around to take Lilac apart and put it in the car. I don’t do roads you see and I’m not really a take the wheel off kind of gal. Even if I were, I’d never get it back on again.

Putting a wheel on a bike
Iron Man in Action!
And so out comes Lilac (what a bloody performance that is) and the bikes are crammed in the car with The Kid sat in the back, face pressed against the windows next to the handle bars. Now that is dangerous!! I guess there is good judgement in the once a year thing.

Bikes in the back of car
How we travel
Of course it’s all very lovely the whole family cycling thing and the way the wind blows through my hair is just the stuff that dreams are made of but that I’m afraid is where it stops. I know I certainly stop should another cyclist come towards me – freeze in fact.

So there we are, a few laps round the forest, a nice splattering of mud and then back to the car to do it all again in reverse.   Happy days!

Last night’s escapade was a little more adventurous in so far as I fell off. What is it they say about pride coming before a fall? Of course, I got straight back on without a fuss and continued the circuit.

I suppose to be fair, I do quite enjoy it now and then and maybe on reflection, Lilac and I aren’t quite done yet. Perhaps we got off to a bad start and the best is yet to come.

How do you shape up as a cyclist?   Are you a fair weather rider like me?

Would love to hear your comments below.  You don’t have to have a blog to get involved and have a say.  Give it a go …… x

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10 thoughts on “Not Cycling

  1. Having bought my cycle a year ago as you know, I’ve been too nervous to get on and ride it. I asked my family for help to learn how to ride it this weekend but it fell on deaf ears. So it stays undercover in pristine condition. So good for you for giving it a go, stick with it. Maybe one day …..


  2. Might I suggest you invest in a bike rack for your car? We have one that has been used once as we are also members of the once a year cycling club!!

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    1. It’s a great club isn’t it, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one. A bike rack is a very sensible suggestion, I was thinking as much last night. Particularly as the other two go out a fair bit. Beats the current arrangement! X


  3. I only started cycling this year in london after years and years of not riding and I was terrified of cycling in the city. I accidentally stumbled upon a group who were offering free lessons and if you turned up, a free bike was yours to take home! So I went along fully expecting to not do it and get a crap bike. I enjoyed it and feel confident enough to go on the road with it now. So no longer jogging behind the boys and their bikes. The bike- pretty good except it is shockng pink! No mistaking which is mine then!


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