My Guilty Pleasure – Window Boxes

Window Boxes

One of my treats to myself is updating my window boxes seasonally.  I always say if the window boxes are looking good outside, all is well inside.  Time has a hand in that too but I do love to come home and see them looking good on my window sills.  Having a big bay window also has its advantages because I can also see them when it’s light from the front room too.  It also gives a little privacy too as we have an open window during the day.

I tend to have a favourite idea or a colour scheme in my head that I transfer to the window boxes.  I will pop anything in to achieve my desired look.

Window Boxes. Bay window.

This was last summer’s efforts (below) being changed over for autumn and winter.  I’m a big fan of having a nice baby Cordyline for a bit of height but these ones have outgrown the boxes now and need a bigger home.  I like to pop all the old plants into another container in case I can recycle them the following year.  I’ll certainly get something more from the geraniums and pansies (which I’d grown already from my own seeds the previous year).  Hopefully the Salvia may come good too.  It really doesn’t have to be expensive business if I can re-use old plants.

I had a real thing about lilacs and purples with both a dark and variegated foliage last autumn so I set out to create these.

I really struggled to get what I wanted but Pansies, Lavender, Ajuga (Burgundy Glow and Braunherz) and various Carex are all involved here.

As I couldn’t find all I needed, I decided to pop in some Chives and Thyme to complement the colour scheme.  I wasn’t sure they would hack it in with the other bits but they have.

I have to say that this selection of plants took a while to come into their own and peep above the edge of the window box.

However, they have all of a sudden gone completely mad and I am now looking to change them around and move some bits to make it more comfortable.

The Lavender is about to pop and I suspect the Ajuga would like a bit more space.

Also, not one to pass up on an opportunity for change, I couldn’t help but notice these lovely yellows whilst at a garden centre in Cornwall at the weekend.

The ones on the left have really grabbed my attention!

Sanvitalia. Lysimachia.

The need to join the party don’t you think?

Just need a few consecutive days of dry weather to get cracking.



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7 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure – Window Boxes

  1. Oh I have a few things waiting to be planted too but it has not stopped raining long enough. Your boxes are lovely and I love the idea of recycling the plants afterwards too. I am the same with my hanging baskets, if they are looking alright, everything is good with the world ha! x #HomeEtc

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